Service Offerings: Tailored Social Media Solutions for Your Brand

In today’s digital landscape, your brand’s online presence is more critical than ever. As a seasoned Social and Digital Marketing Specialist I bring you a comprehensive suite of services designed to propel your brand into the forefront of the digital realm. From strategic planning to captivating content creation, influencer partnerships, and beyond, I am your dedicated partner in achieving unparalleled online success.

Social Media Account Management
Influencer Marketing Consulting
1 on 1 coaching for social media marketing and small business owners.

Social Media Strategy

UGC Photos & Videos

Account Management

Empower Your Brand’s Voice

For brands equipped with internal resources but seeking a strategic edge, my Social Media Strategy offering provides a tailored solution. Perfect for non-profits and small businesses, this service focuses on enhancing your content strategy and planning. By honing your message and optimizing your social media approach, we create a roadmap for growth that aligns with your unique brand identity.

Visual Storytelling Elevated

Crafting compelling User-Generated Content (UGC) is my expertise. I conceptualize and produce UGC Videos primed for various platforms – Instagram Reels, TikToks, YouTube Shorts, and Pinterest. Seamlessly blending organic and high-performance ad content, these videos come with full usage rights for 12 months, ensuring your brand stands out with engaging visuals.

Seamlessly Delegate, Expertly Execute

Navigating the digital landscape is demanding. With Full-Service and A La Carte Social Media Management, I offer the perfect solution. Tailored for busy business owners seeking cost-effective solutions, my flexible monthly packages cater to your precise needs. From content creation to engagement, I manage your social media presence, ensuring a consistent and captivating online identity.

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Social Media Coaching

Social Media Audit

Email Marketing + Automation

Transforming Strategies, Empowering Success

Empowering business owners and entrepreneurs to master social media marketing is my passion. Through personalized coaching, I simplify complex strategies, making them harmonize effortlessly with your lifestyle. Whether it’s time-saving tricks or elevating your Instagram game, my insights and guidance reshape your approach for enduring success.

 Illuminating Pathways to Excellence

Unlock your brand’s true potential with my comprehensive Social Media Audit. Dive deep into your current strategy and gain actionable insights. I benchmark your performance, identify strengths, and provide a roadmap for achieving optimal results. With a minimum of three actionable items, I guide you towards refining your approach and maximizing impact.

Elevate Engagement, Amplify Returns

Unleash the remarkable potential of email marketing with my ROI-driven strategies. Leverage email lists that are growing, transforming them into powerful revenue streams. With expertly crafted automated flows, your customers embark on personalized journeys, driving engagement, and unlocking a potential ROI of up to 4400%.

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Social Media Copywriting

Influencer Marketing Consulting

Content Creation - Custom Templates

Crafting Compelling Narratives

Your brand’s voice deserves attention-grabbing social media copy that resonates. If crafting compelling copy isn’t your forte or time is scarce, my Social Media Copywriting service is your solution. I deliver branded, platform-optimized copy that captivates your audience and drives engagement.

Navigating Influence with Expertise

Elevate your brand’s influence through my specialized consulting. With extensive experience across brand and agency roles, I guide you through impactful influencer campaigns, from inception to execution. Whether engaging micro or mega influencers, my strategic insights deliver measurable results that move the needle.

Unleash Your Brand’s Creativity with Custom Templates

As a seasoned Digital Marketing and SEO Specialist, I bring you a dynamic Content Creation service that goes beyond the ordinary. Elevate your brand’s presence with meticulously crafted Custom Templates, designed to captivate your audience and leave a lasting impression.

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